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With an investment from American Express, Accion Opportunity Fund can offer more small businesses access to loans 2. In addition, American Express is providing valuable resources for your business to continue to succeed.

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American Express is proud to support Accion Opportunity Fund

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About Accion Opportunity Fund

Accion Opportunity Fund is a financial support system that provides business owners with access to capital, networks, and coaching.

Opportunity Fund is our lending arm that originates and funds the Small Business Progress Loan.

We are committed to supporting business owners so that their businesses can continue to flourish.

25 years of service

We have a proven track record of supporting business owners for over two decades.  

90% diverse clients

Our client base is nearly 90% women, people of color, or immigrants.  

$516 million invested

We are committed to getting affordable capital into the hands of all business owners.  

A loan that works for you

Apply for a loan online. Spanish and English support is available over the phone at 1-866-458-3555 from 8am – 8pm your time.

Loan Amounts: $5K to $100K

Transparent terms of either 12, 24, 36, or 60 months and no prepayment penalties.  

Low Interest Rates

Interest rates as low as 5.99%. Your rate is dependent upon your credit and financial standing.  

Mentoring and Support

Beyond financing, we also offer educational resources, coaching, and support networks.  

Check to see if you qualify

or call us: 1-866-458-3555

(your local time)

With support from American Express

Longtime champions of all businesses, American Express is investing $40 million in Accion Opportunity Fund to support their mission of creating a more equitable path to funding.

Once your loan is approved, you will receive ongoing updates to help you discover valuable resources from American Express. Get new business insights, expert advice and notifications about upcoming events and offers.

Educational Resources

Discover webinars, articles and more with timely insights, tips and inspiration to help your business adapt to changing times.  

Events and Networking

Learn from and connect with industry experts and other small business owners to help enrich your perspective and widen your reach.  

American Express Offers

Explore a collection of offers to help you connect with customers and manage your business.  

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Application Process

Our services are available across the nation (with some state restrictions), so that we can reach them regardless of where they are located.


You can start your application online by using a self-service loan application form. Or, call our customer support team who will assist you over the phone at 1-866-458-3555.  


If eligible, you will be immediately presented with multiple prequalified offers. Select the offer that works best for you and submit the requested documentation.  


Friendly staff will work with you to help you complete the loan application and gather final documents including bank statements and tax returns. Lending staff is available 7 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm (your local time).  

Do you qualify?

We do what we can to ensure our services are as accessible as possible, but there are a few eligibility requirements 3. Therefore, if we cannot offer you a loan, we will guide you to other resources that may be able to assist. Eligible business owners fulfill the following requirements:

12 months in business

$50,000 in sales

20% ownership

Apply Today

At Accion Opportunity Fund, we do things differently. We are here to facilitate the growth of your business and provide you with resources to help your business thrive. Click to start your application or call us if you have any questions.

Check to see if you qualify

or call us: 1-866-458-3555

(your local time)